Farming Solutions

Wolfsen utilizes the latest research methods and equipment in its horticultural activities. The company's exacting field surveys and monitoring processes assure healthy crop development through soil, water, and tissue analyses followed by proper selection of fertilizers, pesticides and other appropriate cultural practices.

Today's Challenges

California Agriculture faces many unique challenges. Water, land use, urban encroachment, maintenance of a qualified labor force, and air quality are but a few of these challenges. We are concerned about our farming environment and are committed to water conservation, reduced emissions, and reduced pesticide use wherever possible. This commitment is ongoing. We are continuously updating information systems and equipment to stay in line with today's standards. Our employees regularly attend continuing education classes so that they are in compliance with all rules and regulations as well as being on the cutting edge of new technology. We continue to look for new solutions to problems and ways to update and streamline our processes. We feel that this constant desire for excellence is what sets us apart as a premier farming organization.

Farm Management

For decades, Wolfsen has led the industry in the successful implementation of advanced farm management techniques.

tractor imageWolfsen's farming operation provides professional management skills and experience in planning, budgeting and operating all major components necessary for successful supervision of farmland parcels. The company's farm management program encompasses the whole spectrum of farming activities from crop production to commodity marketing, thus making available to investors the benefits of a fully integrated farm management company. Successful agribusiness investments are based on the efficient stewardship of all phases of an agricultural operation. The company has thousands of acres under cultivation covering scores of operational sites. When the crops are ready, Wolfsen employs specialized harvesting methods that maximize crop harvest yield and meet requisite delivery quotas. The company efficiently coordinates crop selection, pick volume and various transportation schedules.

Wolfsen has the ability to farm as much or as little as is desired by the client. From custom farming to complete farm management, as well as corporate administration, our team has the experience and the skills to do the finest job possible. Entrusting your property to someone should not be stressful; it should be done with mutual confidence in husbandry and production with profitability to all involved.