Our Team

Family Management

TractorWolfsen Land & Cattle Company is a strong company with a very bright future. The strength of the company lies in the fact that management remains in the third and fourth generations of its family. The members of the fourth generation are all progressive, well educated, and passionate about the "family farm". The family will continue to enjoy the competitive advantage of superior land, Mediterranean climate, good water supply, quality workforce and experience. Today Wolfsen is considered one of the premier farming operations in the state of California by virtue of our land holdings and farming skills. We consider it a great honor to be involved in agribusiness in the West, particularly in the great state of California and we are dedicated to carrying on this tradition for generations to come.

Our Farming Team

We believe our farming team to be among the finest. Most of our field and corporate team has been educated in California Universities and then educated extensively "in the field." We are dedicated to and have a passion for farming.